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Worlds collide in Season 5! A viking ship, desert outpost, and ancient statues have appeared on the island, changing the world of Fortnite as we know it. Hop in an ATK (All Terrain Kart) with your squad and uncover all new mysteries and locations. New Season, New Battle Pass:

Huge thanks to Joywave for working with us on the Season 5 Cinematic Trailer. Listen to their new song – “Blastoffff” here:

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  1. Ciao devo dirti che sei un mito a fortnite e sei un grande ti seguo da tanto io sono uno dei primi iscritti. Io vorrei diventare come te un giorno però mi servirebbe qualche iscritto in più x fare sul serio infatti io vorrei chiedere gentilmente se chi legge questo commento gli andrebbe ti fare un salto da me ho fatto tanti video vorrei chiedervi di farci un salto e poi valutate se iscrivervi o meno un'altra cosa un altro complimento al editing del video bello ciao ragazzi fatemi sapere.

  2. Why I hate Fortnite
    1 It became a “For Honor”:in months where everyone is a pro and builds buildings in seconds.
    2 To Epic Games you have created a monster a monster known as Ali A
    3 shotguns:double pump,double tactical,and double heavy shotguns
    4 that it’s free:if it wasn’t kids wouldn’t be playing this in the first place
    5V-Bucks:why did you make where you have to buy the 7.99 twice because the first one was just a little bit off
    6 ripping off Minecraft:they have so many things in common such as buildings in seconds,the kids,shield potions,battle royale.
    7 The party bus:basically a PUBG ripoff
    8 bushes when Tilted Towers and the other places came out I was excited but one time I was the last person there I killed 7 people,it was me and one person I walked outside BOOM a bush camper
    9 it’s overrated:a battle royale Minecraft that was made by a the people you made H1Z1
    10 your friends when it came out I liked it but then it got repetitive drop down kill a few people and wait when I got bored of playing all my friends ditched me and all they would play is Fortnite (they still send me invites)
    11 RNG:no skill is you pick up a good gun and all of a sudden you have the advantage
    12 the skins and dances: you say they’re for only cosmetic uses yet people us them to hide and dodge bullets all the time
    13 building:when it first came out people would build for high ground now they use all their resources for one gunfight
    14 the butts: you made them THICCCCK for a kids game

  3. 🔥 IMPORTANT MESSAGE Please, for the love of god spread this message around. Epic needs to add the Mission Specialist and the Moonwalker to have the selectable styles to have the option to put the helmet visor (glass) up and down. The reason that people don't like to choose these skin is because of the default face under the astronaut suits. If they can fix it the skin would look much better. I know not everyone has this skin but it can be a cool feature to this game. Just say the astronaut skins need the glass part of their helmets adjustable. 😋🔥 if you don't care then I still wish you a nice day (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thanx for taking ur time to read this

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