76 thoughts on “Save the World Dev Update (7/20) – Canny Valley Act 1, Horde Bash Rewards and Fortnite’s Birthday”

  1. Sooo you guys gonna fix the scrolling issue on Horde for console players or are we just fucked? I have cross-platform turned on but haven’t ran into a since PC player that can scroll, got lucky ONCE & a guy was able to scroll to 12.

  2. I’m so excited for next Week. So many long awaited updates!!! Thank you for giving us the option to get event rewards we missed out on and replay CV.

    We really appreciate all the work and effort you’ve put into this game!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Less likely to get duplicate item drops –

    Interesting. Makes it harder to flesh our your elemental packages but more likely to at least get whatever weapon you’re missing.

  4. >less chance of getting items you already own

    Tfw I just opened an identical einstein to the one I already had, but two of my leads are only purple q_q

  5. So for the reduced chance of duplicates is that on weapons/heroes currently owned or any heroes/weapons previously owned? For example let’s say I used to own Skull trooper but got rid of him, are the chances of receiving him the same as owned or not owned?

  6. Does anyone know if we get the perkup rewards in horse bash if completing a already completed previous challenge? if not it might be a good idea to stall horde progress until update to get that increased perk rewards.

  7. This is a list of links to comments made by Epic employees in this thread:

    * [Comment by EPIC_Clintonious](/r/FORTnITE/comments/90i8zi/save_the_world_dev_update_720_canny_valley_act_1/e2qm78o/?context=1000 “posted on 2018-07-20 18:29:40 UTC”):

    > The Birthday Llamas will be purchased with the Roadtrip Tickets.

    * [Comment by Magyst](/r/FORTnITE/comments/90i8zi/save_the_world_dev_update_720_canny_valley_act_1/e2qmmah/?context=1000 “posted on 2018-07-20 18:35:28 UTC”):

    > [Trello Card](https://trello.com/c/BagkgSeQ/217-scrollbar-doesnt-move-with-controller-input-when-selecting-horde-mode-challenges). That bug is fixed with the release of next weeks patch.

    * [Comment by EPIC_Clintonious](/r/FORTnITE/comments/90i8zi/save_the_world_dev_update_720_canny_valley_act_1/e2qo0ii/?context=1000 “posted on 2018-07-20 18:54:38 UTC”):

    > As long as you have tickets then you’re good. It’ll work just like how the other event llamas work.

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  8. Alrighty guys let’s get some theory rolling on what the new Birthday Soldier.

    She was running Goin Commando, Shockwave, and War cry in the video.

    The only Sub-Class with that combo of abilities is Sergeant/Warlord. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that the upcoming Soldier is a Sergeant/Warlord for sure but yeah seems like a pretty high chance.

  9. So for how long is the birthday llama for tickets going to stay? I am on vacation like many others, I am not home until the 5th of august. If it stays for 7 days I will miss out on it, if it stays for 12 days or something I am willing to buy hundreds of upgrade llamas to get the tickets and get the awesome loot!

  10. This is all great news and with so many of the major complaints blown out of the water I’m wondering if you guys will be able to finally do some work on the stw locker……

    Everything else is starting to look pretty well polished… I know there’s a lot of work to do for the locker to be ready but maybe you guys would consider bringing it online piece by piece and letting us help test it.

    I want to dance the dance of jubilation so bad now to celebrate the birthday and all this great work you guys have done in the past year! 😄

  11. These birthday llamas can be bought with tickets, so the question is how many tickets will each one cost?

    RIP to my Road Trip tickets. I just spent 8.5k 12 hours ago before this news came out! And how about seeing two different event items come from one llama?!? So good!

    You guys are making it tough to have a life for the next two weeks and I thank you! <3 <3

  12. Tagging /u/Magyst for more info,about the less duplicates from llamas,if we currently have any unopened llama,will they have less dupes when 5.1 hits or the content is decided the moment we get them ?

  13. /u/Magyst , /u/EPIC_Clintonious is there any chance we are going to see a list of the available items ?

    I know majority of items are obvious, but others I’m not too sure of if they will be released in the annillama.

  14. Ok so I hope someone can answer this question. For those of us that are somewhat close to finishing the insane amount of missions they had us do in canny to get to twine, will it reset our progress if don’t finish it in time? Out of the 200 plus missions, I have about 30 left to do to make it to twine and I would be very annoyed if I have to start all over again

  15. Epic, guys please, I want to play HB, I really do. I believe you did it a whole-lot more better than the last HB, BUT…


    Fix that, just that and that will be a huge QoL leap for normal players

    About the rest of the dev update:

    I’m worried you guys go into too much of “hey kids, want some drugs” kind of feel out of it. I mean… I like freebies and stuff, but I’d prefer solid, deep gameplay rather than “get free legendaries and shut up”. And that would require you to rework missions and side-missions to some extend…

  16. Fuck me! Just used 5k road trip tickets and got tons of dupes 🙁

    Now I’m mad at myself as I started earlier this year so I didn’t get any of the past event stuff 🙁

    I really need to learn to save my stuff >.<

  17. Very sad for Grave Digger 🙁

    I’m not sure that Anniversary Ticket will be avaible in comon Llama. Even if it should be a huge $$$ in for Epic, it would be kinda … meh

    I also may be wrong, but I think Rarity and Type for cards will be rolled first. So the game roll that you will get a melee weapon, and then give you a melee wepon you don’t own, and if you own theim all one that you already own.

    If it’s not going tis way, that would mean that I could by dozen of troll stash and only get survivors

  18. Will unlocking the 4th skills tier be any different or easier? I have the bottom one maxed, but still haven’t done enough quests or whatever to unlocked the top level one.

  19. Glad to hear anything for stw content or support, but this really makes me question the point of grinding all the hours for “limited time event items” and wonder what bonus do the early players keep if all the new players can just buy the old exclusives.

  20. Devs could we get a few customization options added into STW please
    a Schematic Weapon Skin Llama
    interchangeable back blings and headgear
    Event holiday heroes that have unique pick axes
    interchangeable color schemes for none event heroes.
    also the ability to crouch behind cover would be SO VERY HELPFUL! Please and ty.

  21. Are you telling me that now the canny valley missions are IN canny valley ????

    I can finally do the storyline !!! Was so tired of the city / suburbs / forest

  22. Any news of New husks coming out to replace death burst ex: Husk who can aoe heal other zombies, another who have a molten look explode when on the same tile as a player, and last but not least a Aoe Rallying husk with a flag or something to increase attack and move speed of other husk and please by any chance can you make it not affect Mini-Bosses or even Mist Monsters 🙂 <3 Epic Games <3

  23. My prediction, if nothing changes about chat, whether it being adding a trade market, dividing up chat into categories, adding an anti spam filter (one post per 30 seconds) or adding a pl minimum requirement, I predict StW will be nothing but a VBuck farming game by 7/28. The vast majority that play StW to play StW will pop around for new quest rewards an hour every couple of weeks, just to get the content they were promised a year ago.

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