13 thoughts on “What’s the best outlander to farm?”

  1. From what you have, Recon Scout is the only true farmer you have. So either Jess or AC in the primary slot and the other one in the support slot for a increase of double loot when farming. They are a pretty good farming class as they can see chests
    through walls.

    Keep and eye out for Striker and Pathfinder. And Recon Scout works for them as well in the support slot 🙂

    Edit: i know I’m getting down voted because people think that Trailblaster AC is Striker.. 😂

  2. Striker AC if you are looking for building mats and basic crafting mats especially since his punch got a buff to cooldown .

    Pathfinder Jess is better at farming chests though I don’t really find much use in them unless you want base traps and guns from it.

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