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  1. First thanks to /u/Whitesushii for updating the spreadsheet to include the new weapon!!

    For the lazy and don’t-know-how-to-use, here are there results.

    – This was done using UA as primary with option for +24% AR dmg and +72 Crit D as support. For a generic hero loadout (ie. hero with no weapon dmg boost; I just picked SMS with no support options available), the results are similar.

    – HS accuracy was assumed at 50% (given how the recoil works I think a higher HS accuracy is probably not realistic). I also tried a lower 40% HS accuracy in the spreadsheet, the perks suggestions are exactly the same.

    **EDIT Conclusion: I had the wrong input in the calculator in the 5th column, see Whitesushii’s comment below. The best perk combination is CRITD/RLD/ELEMENT/CRIT/CRITD with +24% AR dmg in support.**

    Other thoughts: On the second slot you are given the choice of reload, weapon stability, or durability. All other slots can roll dmg/crit/crit d. I was initially debating if this is *the* weapon that can actually benefit from the stability perk but A1getdismoney just release his video, he had no stability perk on his Bundlebuss and the recoil seemed completely manageable even when shooting at long distances (he was using UA so he had some recoil reduction).

  2. Has anyone confirmed whether the 6th perk is bugged or not? David Dean seems to think it is, and from my testing it seems to be bugged as well. The explosion goes off but seems to do no damage to mobs around the target.

  3. Not trying to be rude or anything, but you are 100% certain that you used the calculator correctly?

    Every single set-up, doesn’t matter the hero and support I use is recommending CR/CD/CD which is only logical if you only compare between a second CD and DMG. In this scenario, HS builds can be disregarded


    The thing you most likely did wrong was to **not update the possible perks**, which is extremely important for weapons that don’t follow the normal perk rules. After adjusting that, DMG/CD only appears as third-best with a 7.44% difference in DPS behind the best setup, CD/CD


    Please verify that you did everything correctly and adjust your post accordingly. **I do not want people to spec their weapons wrong only because they saw a thread on reddit and took it as gospel.**


    Lastly, as a small example to prove CD/CD > CD/DMG:

    184+0.43×184×2.1 = 350.152
    This is Soldier+MGR|DMG/CD average DamageMod%

    154+0.43×154×3.45 = 382.459
    This is Soldier+MGR|CD/CD average DamageMod%

    DPS values will be derived from that, but since there is no difference in FR/RS/MS between the setups compared, DMGMod% is sufficient as proof

    **Edit:** Cells updated and values used shown:




    **Edit2:** My version was missing the HSmulti, giving HS builds a slight disadvantage. The overall rankings don’t change, only the difference in DPS get smaller (7.44% -> 4.78%)

  4. Thanks a lot for this comparison!

    Could you maybe try to do a perk comparison for swords (Slice N Dice for example), between choosing Crit Rating + Crit Damage versus double Attack Speed?

    I’m asking because I have a Pressure Cutter (hydraulic sword) with +60% Attack Speed and it has around 35.000 DPS, while the Slice N Dice with CR + CD does around 25.000 DPS, but has the extra damage from crit strikes, which doesn’t show in the DPS number, and I’d be really curious to find out which choice yields more damage per time.

  5. Someone messaged me about this so I decided to take a look for myself and assuming

    – Urban Assault as main hero
    – 50% Headshot accuracy

    The best setup would be CRITD/RLD/ELEMENT/CRIT/CRITD with MGR in support as seen [here](http://prntscr.com/kmer57). Picking up % damage is a DPS loss of -4.78%. This also appears to be the best damage/shot setup and the result actually doesn’t seem to change even if you aren’t using UAH

    However at **64% headshot accuracy**, the setup HS/RLD/ELEMENT/DMG/HS with MGR in support beats the crit setup. I don’t really recommend going headshot personally though so :/. [Here](http://prntscr.com/kmeso2)’s an image to check your entries against mine. It’s worth noting that 5th slot is to be left empty because its 6th perk is headshot explosions (which doesn’t give any real stats). The element’s 20% dmg is calculated within the element section already. Also, %DMG was better in the case of Nocturno because we were looking at 45% dmg there

    Also since you tagged me for my response u/DestinySilvade

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