25 thoughts on “We will miss u fortnitemares”

  1. Got my Legendary Sara Hotep today, completed my set of Fortnitemares stuff… so…

    i’m good.

    Fortnitemares was like that Mitch Hedberg quote:

    *”You can’t be like pancakes… all exciting at first, but then by the end, you’re fucking sick of ’em.”*

  2. Community before event

    “oMG foRtNiTemArEs WAs ThE bEsT”

    Community during event

    “This is shit”

    Event was better than last year, less fetch quest rng.

    And the event was always bad

    God damn community never gave feedback on the shit fetch quests before. Epic changed every other event based on feedback

    Only the community is to blame for religiously attacking people who hated fortnitemares last year with good reasons

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