Tfue Speedrun On Fortnite for $400 (Mongraal Editing Course) *WITH CODE*

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In this video Tfue tries Mongraals Speedrunning Warmup Course. Tfue has the opportunity to win $400 if he completes this Editing/Building Obstacle Course with the quickest time. Only the person with the Maximum Speed editing/building can compete. Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

Try and beat @Secret_Mongraal’s edit course in the quickest time to claim $400 before 2019.

Code: 0643-0361-6954

Fortnite Poggers has Permission to feature these Funny Moments & Best Plays seen in this video. Thanks to everyone who submits clips to the email below!

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27 thoughts on “Tfue Speedrun On Fortnite for $400 (Mongraal Editing Course) *WITH CODE*”

  1. I hate this type of stuff in fortnite, I wouldn’t even mind if their was a one second delay on editing cause it’s so much harder for console players to be that good. Shotgun delay is stupid though

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