13 thoughts on “Can we bring back the Heavy Shotgun? It was vaulted for practically no reason.”

  1. yeah this is way better than a pump, even tho the base damage is lower, u could take it out way faster than a pump when editing windows.

    If someone is in a 1 by 1 and u both have pumps; and u go to edit a window, the person not editing is going to shoot u first since he already has pump out.

    With the heavy, u could take it out right away after editing window and get a shot off before the person with the pump knew what was going on

  2. It was good for precise shots. Thought it was useless right after the Pump buff, until I realised it had its moments. Unlike the Tac, which is just terrible all the time

    My personal list of how I prioritise shotguns:

    1. Golden Pump
    2. Purple Pump
    3. Golden Heavy
    4. Blue Pump
    5. Purple Heavy
    6. Green Pump
    7. Blue Tac
    8. Green Tac
    9. Grey Tac

  3. It was the most consistent shotgun in the game but since the Pump shotguns were buffed again there’s no place for the Heavy since the green pump is way more powerful than a gold heavy.

    I would love for this to replace the Tac shotgun but the loot pool would be super unbalanced.

    As much as I loved the Heavy I feel it was only a placeholder until Pumps got their power back.

  4. *Everyone complains about how useless it is and how nobody uses it*

    Epic: “Okay, let’s please the community and remove it, nobody uses it apparently”

    Community: “ReEeEeEeE oH mY gOd bRinG iT bAcK wHy TaKe iT

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