16 thoughts on “Dealing with AFKs the right way!”

  1. I joined a public mission yesterday and did this to a person afk at the spawn, I then said x is afk at spawn in chat, the others came to look and suddenly x came to life, and actually joined in the mission.

  2. It’s so sad how long this behavior has been just short of condoned by epic. This game had an afk problem before I started playing, and still has one over 9 months later, after I played to around pl80 and haven’t returned for 5 months. To me it’s clear they don’t really care if they JUST NOW are getting to a “1st iteration” of a solution.

  3. I love when I posted something like this, my post got removed by the mods. “You are encouraging harassing behaviour against other players. People will look at this and try it, even if the player is not afk. Your post will not be reinstated. ” Seriously this is the definition of double standards..

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