24 thoughts on “Found this Gem, Default skins are the best.”

  1. i had the most wholesome moments in 50v50 back in season 3.

    back when fortnite used to be more of a casual game rather than some guy building a tower before i even shoot at him

  2. I remember me and my friend played 50V50 and we put a music “i need a hero” because we saw in some fortnite video and all we do in the game was getting cars to save people from the storm.


    THAT WAS SOOO FUN. Now will be lost in time like tears in the rain.. </3

  3. I’m not good at the game like everyone else I only have 1 win each from season 4 to 7. Occasionally get lucky and get the good teammates in squad fills. I still rock the default skin even though I have maxed out my battle passes from 4-7, but anyways Defaults are a true blessing to come across I help everyone I can in solos or an LTM and in the end they’ll never disappoint you.

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