BEST Controller Fortnite Sensitivity + Settings + Dead Zone! (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite Season 8)

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In this video today we’re going to be doing an update of the best sensitivity, settings, and dead zone for PS4 + Xbox Fortnite. I plan to release this about 12 hours before the beginning of Fortnite season 8, so it’s safe to say that these will be my sensitivity, settings, and deadzone for at least the beginning of the new season. I feel like I say this every time I release a sensitivity and settings video, but I apologize for delaying this so long. My last update video like this was all the way back at the beginning of season 7, which was pretty much 3 whole months ago. So it’s definitely been a while. And, my goal going forward is to try to make is so that I never go more 2 months without a settings update. Plus, even if you’re someone that doesn’t really care about my settings, I think this video will still be pretty entertaining for you because of the gameplay. In the last week or so I’ve uploaded 2 34 kill games which, was my personal kill record for a single Fortnite game. But I recently broke that record with the 38 kill gameplay that you’re currently watching. I’m really hoping that with the shield and mats per kill I’ll be able to get a 40 bomb sometime in the near future, but we’ll see about that. So, I think the majority of this video be showcasing all the settings, and then then with whatever time is left we’ll break down the end of the gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “BEST Controller Fortnite Sensitivity + Settings + Dead Zone! (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite Season 8)”

  1. Hey guys, just a quick reminder going into season 8 that it would be greatly appreciated if you use my code: GronKy12 in the item shop. Even if you guys got the battle pass for free from doing the overtime challenges it still counts as if you bought it which is awesome. Thanks guys <3

  2. When I put my building sensitivity’s up higher to help my builds it screws my edits up because it’s too high but when I put the sensitivity lower to do better on editing I can’t build as well

  3. F#@k you and your socker skin wearing ass. F#@cking try hards. Cant even play the game and have fun anymore. People like you have ruined the game. You didnt used to have to be a "pro" to play the game. Get triggered.

  4. Hey, Gronky. I know you've mentioned never to go below .500, but my x is .467, y .432. my targeting is .389. Building is 2.00 and deadzone for my right thumbstick is .16. I have high kill games often. It's just what I've become comfortable with.

  5. @Gronky WHAT IS YOUR AIM THUMBSTICK LENGTH though that relates to sensitivity??
    1) Move deadzone to lowest possible amount
    2) Put thumbs on thumbstick and if they move in game involuntarily, raise till you hit a perfect medium
    3) If your deadzone is lower your character will respond faster and increase turn speed somewhat, consider a slightly lower sensitivity to compensate if you already have great accuracy. If you dont have your sensitivity already perfected dont change your deadzone they give you literally extra range of motion with a thumbstick essentially for easier aiming. Low deadzones equal great no expectations.

  6. I wanna know where you find these enemy's who look like they've just started playing the game I cant remember the last guy I shot who didn't build a 5* hotel for cover I'll say it yet again you will never get bots like these on EU servers I have 5,000 wins on EU wouldn't dream to think how many if I played against opponents like that

  7. gronky i know you dont have much time but if you wear the soccer skin for your next video can you put the number 27 to wish me a a happy birthday that would mean alot .but keep up the good work

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