An Option to Convert AMP-UP!, FIRE-UP! and FROST-UP! to RE-PERK!

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I would like to have an option to be able to convert some or all of my elemental perk-up to general re-perk for an easier way to get re-perk if needed, never use mine as my weapons are all energy based currently. [I have so much of FIRE-UP, FROST-UP, AMP-UP resources that I will never use them all ever]( and my pile continues to grow all the time. would be a nice relief to have a stockpile of re-perk on the ready if i need some for the future just in case 🙂 i’m power level 109 and struggle with re-perk farming all the time

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8 thoughts on “An Option to Convert AMP-UP!, FIRE-UP! and FROST-UP! to RE-PERK!”

  1. I’d like to see these be used as a consumable to make a weapon of a specific element at the time of crafting. Still useful for converting a weapon to an element full time, but you could create one offs as needed during a fight.

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