105 thoughts on “Anybody else thought that this was the best gadget when first starting STW?”

  1. When I first started I didn’t watch anything about gadgets. I just picked turret and the health one. I learned later that those where the meta ones to pick.

  2. I think I used it once and then never again due to the long cooldown/low uptime.

    Heal was a given as that allows me more room to do dumb fun shit and still survive, and the hover turret just looks cute and cool. I wish I could have a much weaker version of the turret follow me around all the time.

  3. Yes and i still think it is because supply drol is trash and i don’t have any other ability other than airstrike and adrenaline rush

  4. I still use it with the turret. I just like calling an airstrike on them huskies. Maybe they could buff it by leaving a napalm-like area dmg after the boom booms.

  5. God, I hate Airstrike, that screen shake is horrendous. Was so glad when turret became the meta instead, just so that I can see what I’m doing and hit the broad side of a barn.

  6. I’ve always liked proximity mines, it’s just a shame the one we get is so terrible… It needs a 20 second cooldown, not a 2.5 minute cooldown… Why would anyone ever take Proximity Mine when Airstrike has 20x the area of effect, more damage and has the same CD?

  7. Ok so I’m a stw noob and I still rock this.. what is the better alternative, I use this and hover turret for my ninja right now

    Also I saw the top comment said they couldn’t figure out how to use teddy. If that’s the big bear it’s a constructor thing right?

  8. When I started playing way back this was one of the best gadgets. When it got taken over by hover boiss it became a meme. “Airstrike in [current year]”

  9. It was pretty useful around the time of the first Hexylvania event, husks could get stuck inside the terrain and the aoe of the explosions could hurt them through the ground

    Other than that though yeah, it wasn’t great

  10. When I first started, I only used this and supply drop. I think most low levels do still. Then I learned the power of the turrets. I occasionally swap out my other slot with banner and adrenaline rush.

  11. 1Adrenaline rush quick heal
    2Hover Turret farm and he will watch your back
    3Banner after level up can respond on it quickly if you under power level

    Everything else is a waste
    I have everything maxed out and when the system reset I didn’t buy the other gadgets again just the 3 and if they do release a new one I’ll have 80 points for it

  12. Back in the earlier days, the best gadget for damage was actually the mines. You tossed them out immediately with a slight arc of a throw, the cooldown to generate a new one was fairly long, but you could have all three out quickly at once. So setting up a defence you could work them in as a feature.

  13. I switched to adrenaline rush since there’s tougher husks in Plankerton and health depletion happens a lot to me. Most of the time the missile drop doesn’t always get every husk/ flinger/ smasher.

  14. Yep then I switched over to Adrenaline shot, because at one point the airstike decided to land on an invisible ceiling instead of laying waste to the swarm of husks, but the adrenaline rush is much more beneficial especially during encampment missions

  15. Page 12/13 on plankerton. I am now smelling the crisp Canney Valley air rolling in from over the horizon. I haven’t slept in days. The husks are getting stronger and seem to be one with the elements. My weapons are growing more useless against them. Thank the Epic God’s for granting me Ninja Stars that are too OP. I will press on with dreams of three star evolution and 4K cap resources

  16. Anyone remember the week or so when the van hitbox could be teleported into the sky with the teleporter gadget? You could literally just start a 4x van objective and walk away. Good times.

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