20 thoughts on “Trap Tunnel Module: Push back husks two tiles in a straight tunnel”

  1. I’m curious, have you tested it with a gas trap? Because if I put a two-up two-down ceiling tile on a tunnel (the one that looks like an inverted V) husks still get hit with the gas as they walk under it. It’s been some time since I tested it, so maybe my memory is fuzzy.

    Anyway, good build. I don’t recommend using this on high density husk flows, as a single smasher takes up all the available room and if/when they get stuck walking around things, husks behind it will go berserk and start to attack the nearby structures. This isn’t really a problem unless there are propane husks that wave, or there are propanes on the ground and a flinger/lobber goes nuts close by.

    I’m curious what happens if you put a wall launcher across from the roof piece.

  2. I usually do something like this, but I have a gastrap/wooden floor spike in front and a stair on top of the floor launcher that launchers them over the gastrap so they have to walk through again and I use inverted half triangle walls (3) to zigzag them across

  3. Smashers will destroy inverted triangles in the tunnels (or just straight up blow through other walls instead), and this inverted pyramid is no different. They can’t fit through the reduced space, and so they look for other ways to get past.

  4. I set it up as shown, thought I had tried this and hadn’t liked the results but gave it a shot anyway.


    This seems to work only some of the time, mostly it just seems to stun the husks, occasionally tossing them out. Tried a set of half stairs and had better luck but still not reliable enough for me.


    I put myself in the middle of the trap instead of behind the wall to better simulate husk pathing, also tried in missions seems pretty unreliable to me unless you manipulate it by standing directly behind the quarter wall to stop the husks from cutting the corner and clidpping the wall on the way out.


    I setup gas traps in all four orientations, ran about 10 husks through each, only triggered one trap, once, and not sure why, could never repeat it.


    The only ceiling trap that worked was the Ceiling Zapper, the Ceiling Electrified Field didn’t work though.

  5. I wish I had thought of this, this piece would be great for any straight line tunnel (like the one below ground tunnel in Twine SSD) or as funnel entrance piece if you also don’t want to build a potentially awkward 2×1 right behind it.

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