18 thoughts on “You can “triple jump” over 2 tiles by using kunai storm”

  1. Jumping over 2 tiles is fun, however, this was an unintended interaction. We want to make sure we’re responsible about how we implement vertical gameplay and after seeing such a strong positive response we’ll be looking for more ways to introduce this type of gameplay in the future.

  2. Or you can do the same with guardian’s will sword.

    The heavy attack gives you a slight increase in height, enough to do so.

    I did this before the hero loadout changes with energy thief Mari (who at the time had the highest heavy attack efficiency)

    I’m not sure if you can still do it now tho, I don’t think I have a heavy attack efficient ninja atm and ninja’s current double jump feels extremely rigid.

  3. Get the sword “Guardian’s will”, and you can even do more, because jump jump kunai guardians will heavy is another jump basically.

    (Also Guardian’s will in general is a very good sword with Forged Fate and DIM MAK team perk, because you get 25% of your shield for every 5 kills on top of the 14% per second regen for DIM MAK. And Guardians Will heavy is also a decent AOE.)

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