13 thoughts on “Testing out the new remote play app (very hard to control)”

  1. This works since years, at least for me. And I can synch a ps4 controller so being able to play on phone. However you need a good internet connection otherwise it wont even connect to ps4.

    What should be new about this?

  2. This has been around for 3 years roughly, but exclusively for SONY phones only, but if you had rooted android phone you could get a modified(hacked) version of it also for years, and yes iphone had a 3rd party app, and now official app, so nothing new here, and you need good wifi(doesn’t have to been same wifi) connection to both phone and ps4, to get a proper results without to much lag, since this is just a screen mirroring over the internet, and there is a tiny delay from you send command to ps4, and the ps4 returns you the screen mirror back with what you just did, so probably twice the lag you normally have in STW will be end results, but very useful for daily login bonus yes…… but for actual STW gameplay……… only testing can tell you if its worth it…….google is your friend 😉

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