We FINALLY Got A RANKED Mode In Fortnite! (Fortnite New Update 8.01 – Gauntlet Event)

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In this video today we’re gonna be going over the new Fortnite update, v8.01. Since season 8 is only about a week old at this point, we weren’t really expecting this update to be anything of major significance. However, along with a few interesting gameplay changes, Fortnite finally added something that players have wanted for a while now, a ranked mode. Epics first attempt at somewhat of a ranked mode were the Pop-up cups. And even though they were a really cool addition to game, they had 2 pretty major flaws. First off, each event was restricted to a certain relatively short period of time. This meant that if one of the pop-up cups ran from 5 PM-9 PM, and you happened to be at work or school, oh well. This also meant you couldn’t just play a competitive game mode whenever you wanted. If you were bored at 1 AM and wanted to play a pop-up cup, oh well none are running at that time. And in my opinion the biggest flaw was the fact that once an event ended, your points would reset. If you scored 12 points in one pop-up cup, it wouldn’t matter at all heading into the next one, because every body gets reset to 0. The new Gauntlet event added in 8.01 fixes both of these problems. Is it a totally 100% perfect ranked mode, definitely not. But, it is a MAJOR step in the right direction, and it’s honestly only a few small change/additions away from being almost flawless. And since the way it works is a little confusing, I wanted to make this video to talk about it, explain the scoring system, and discuss the rest of update 8.01. So, I hope you guys enjoy it!

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40 thoughts on “We FINALLY Got A RANKED Mode In Fortnite! (Fortnite New Update 8.01 – Gauntlet Event)”

  1. Yeah I like the new event a lot I love that they have the weekdays qualifiers then finals on weekends, I got invited with my buddy for the duo finals and I hope to make it in the top 300,000

  2. So does the gauntlet affect your stats? I don’t have that great of stats anyway but I say that for the players who do there stats will go way down playing players there own level.

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