17 thoughts on “I know I’ll get downvoted into oblivion, but I honestly completely agree with this.”

  1. This is a classic sweat assumption that everyone else is trying as hard as they possibly can to “get good” and to win, and that to do so is the whole point of the game. But that style of game, i.e. Counterstrike, is not what made Fortnite successful, nor will Fortnite’s great success continue if it turns into that style of game.

  2. I get messaged sweat 40% of the games I play and it’s usually from a team I squad wiped and it’s so annoying. I’m not here sweating my balls off to get a win, I just have fun going for kills and I’m sorry but if it’s a 4v1 and you lose you do not have the right to talk trash. I 100% agree with you all

  3. The thing about this game is that people value the game differently. For some it’s their full time hobby for others just some casual fun.

    We get frustrated when people kill us easily but we have to remember this is sort of like going to play some golf for fun and then finding out you are competing against tiger woods. Yeah we would love to be him but it’s demoralizing to get outplayed when you are not a pro golfer and he is.

  4. They should just add a ranked mode already so they can have these casuals stop complaining about someone who put more time into something outperforming them.

  5. The thing is, people completely miss the point about these comments. No-one begrudges the good players the heavy games they want. But Fortnite exploded on the scene by being a game that you did not have to worry about getting good at but still had fun. Parents played with their kids, grandparents played with grandkids and even if you were rubbish it was still hugely enjoyable.That is millions of people playing the game for fun and spending cash.

    As time went on, those who just played for fun began to find the core modes unplayable simply because the skill curve was not something they wanted to or could master but they could still have huge fun in things like 50v50.

    Team Rumble came in and it gave a perfect balance. Those who wanted serious games stayed, mainly, in the core modes and those who wanted a fun chilled game went to TR. Each type of player had their type of game that they could enjoy in the way they wanted.

    About a month ago that changed. All of a sudden TR became overrun with mega builds and intense fighting. You even lost the aspect where opponents in that mode would help each other with challenges (cannon challenge was basically target practice). Epic removed TR and brought Disco back because that used to be a fun mode for the casuals and gave those who were really bad a chance to still help their team by capturing dancefloors. However, no-one is going near dancefloors and it is just a build fight in the center.

    Not everyone takes games seriously and simply play for fun, to unwind or just have a game where they can play with friends/family even if they are both rubbish. That is exactly what made Fortnite so big in the first place. All those people want is to have a place where they can have the fun they were having right up until recently, without anyone coming in botstomping them. We are talking a large percentage of players who spend a lot of money on the game but are drifting away rapidly.

  6. Imagine saying say omg everyone in the NFL is sweaty and trying so hard, why do they practice and get better and try to win. What is wrong with them like chill out 😂

  7. More like all highschool player, and the worse ones complaining the better ones who put time in are playing. Anyone can be good at the game, I don’t think ranked is a bad option. But I also dont think complaining is a good option. If you don’t wanna continue to die to better players, either don’t play, or practice. Those good players were once not the best too, don’t get mad at people for practicing something.

  8. All I want is to be fairly matched with players my skill level. I loved S1-3 because it was a fun and casual game to pick up after a long day. The moment you died you would want to improve, not today when you died to a sweat and said “wow what a sweaty nerd”. I don’t want free wins or kills handed to me, but like I said I want to have a fair fight of similar skill, that’s all.

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