31 thoughts on “This is getting ridiculous at this point. The storm wings had turrets, the hamster ball only has a grapple gun.”

  1. I mean they are kinda dumb, but I haven’t had one come flying at me and literally knock me off the map from inside one of my own builds. So the comparison is a bit off.

  2. While I agree that the balls are stupid, it’s for a different reason entirely. They’re almost useless and serve almost no purpose other than to be a more inconvenient grappler.

  3. Pretty sure this related to late game rotations, at top end ranked play things probably influence the game in a way that we don’t really see. He’s entitled to his opinion as are we, no point bashing him on Reddit tho, that’s just dumb.

  4. yoo fuck u poach this is just complaining just for the sake of complaining lmaoooo

    incase his tweet is a /r/woosh: too bad, liquid complains about everything. my point still stands. fuck u

  5. The concern with planes were that you could divebomb into someone’s build, or that it had a turret on it. Players enjoyed planes more when these were finally nerfed enough to the point that the only use for it was the rotation. When planes were taken out, the complaint was that there was not enough means to get around the map.

    Now that Epic adds something which has none of the downsides of planes, but has all the benefits of quick rotations, people are complaining again? Is it just that we constantly need something to complain about? It sure as hell is not “planes all over again”.

  6. Planes were terrible and while almost every top 5 I’ve been in has at least two people in hamster balls they’re still not an issue. Easy to break and they can’t shoot.

  7. All Poach does is complain about features that ruin competitive matches, he doesn’t think about the wider community that doesn’t want to play scrims or compete in tournaments.

  8. They’re fine, and they’re fun to swing through trees on, gaining momentum and being thrown up into the air. They could use a slight health nerf from 300HP given just how agile they are. Maybe 200hp is fair to counter players camping in them late game. There was a final circle over the volcano the other day and there were THREE ballers just floating above it.

  9. The point is – using a plane was a free rotation. Ballers do the same thing. Ballers are for sure more tolerable, but they’re similar in the sense that it takes the skill out of rotations.

    Just playing devil’s advocate here.

  10. These are literally the most fun vehicle in the game. There is no reason to remove them. The only thing they can do against an enemy is destroy 1 structure and thats with a lucky shot.

  11. This reddit really likes to witch-hunt the hell out of the few tweets out there that criticize the game. Poach is literally the most negative guy in fortnite communities, we get that he whines. Why don’t you guys post the tweets of pros saying the game is fun, if all you do is post the ones where they say it is bad. People will find any way to say the pros ruin games because one guy tweets a dumb thing out, but newsflash most pros really like the game now.

  12. They are dumb that’s what makes them fun. But please guys remember, POACH is a competetive players and the hamster ball is definetely not fit for comp. I think he’s talking about that, and not it being in the casual modes. Although, if he’s talking about regular modes as well, that’s dumb af.

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