24 thoughts on “EU-FA-0, what to do?”

  1. Same here. Thought it was because I dismissed a new notice about Epic’s privacy policy and data collection nonsense. Restarting launcher and PC has no effect :

    Edit: can’t even launch the game directly from either the Fortnite launcher or the client executable, both keep trying to run the Epic Games launcher and then nothing happens, the process just sits there in Task Manager doing nothing. 🙁

  2. There has been an update to the TOS, and the launcher now wants to connect to the following address, but it seems this is not working:




    I guess we just need to wait till this gets fixed.


    Logs show this:

    `[2019.03.15-13.38.04:482][904]LogOnlineEula: Warning: OSS: EulaService::GetAgreement request failed. errormessage=An error occurred while communicating with the game servers:`

    `HTTP 504 response from` [`https://eulatracking-public-service-prod06.ol.epicgames.com/eulatracking/api/public/agreements/fn/account/youridnumber?locale=en-US`](https://eulatracking-public-service-prod06.ol.epicgames.com/eulatracking/api/public/agreements/fn/account/c3794ab02577431b9ced3bd74153f16f?locale=en-US)`, errorcode=0`

    `[2019.03.15-13.38.04:482][904]LogPortal: Error: FAlertReporter: Reporting Alert code: EU-FA-0`


  3. We have two computers here, one that is mine and one that is my son’s. I got a new EULA and clicked agree and it launched fine. His is stuck in this EU-FA-0 screen. We’re uninstalling and reinstalling to see if we can get the EULA to pop up again.

    EDIT: Uninstalling doesn’t reprompt the EULA. In fact, we get the EU-FA-0 upon trying to install the game now.

  4. Same issue. The dumb EULA checker is based on an amazon service that looks currently down. If you do the troubleshooter, https://eulatracking-public-service-prod06.ol.epicgames.com is down. According to public DNS it resolves to these IPs: and and both are non-functional right now. If someone in another zone who is currently working can do a ping on these and put the IP addresses here, it’ll help us out (because then we can just monkey our host file to point to those temporarily).

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