Team Up Friday 15/Mar/2019

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#####**You can use the following format for teaming up with others/LFG (Looking For Group):**

– **Username:** (Epic IGN/specified Console username)

– **Current Platform:** (PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch/Mobile)

– **Your Region:** (EU/NA/ASIA/OCE)

– **Mic:** (Yes/No | Any)

– **Notes:** (Anything else to note e.g. Can play whole event | Specific K/D, etc…)

Alternatively you can join our [**Public Discord**]( for live discussion and LFG.

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11 thoughts on “Team Up Friday 15/Mar/2019”

  1. (NA East, PC) Looking for some kiddos that can carry me to 5 getaway wins. I’m bad and can’t manage it with fill squads because they’re all stupid. Epic is Aimless Jayleen if interested. I’ll be on later today to play

    E: I can’t get my headset to work properly so my mic probably won’t work great, if at all. Talking optional. I don’t care about K/D or your wins, but I have like a 0.4 all-modes lifetime KD and exactly 0 solo wins if that matters.

  2. **Username**: ttv.JustNut69 (don’t judge the ttv it’s there for the meme 🙂 )

    **Current platform**: mobile *edit: am willing to crossplay*

    **Region**: EU

    **Mic**: sometimes yea

    Looking for some good players (16 or older) to squad up or practise in creative, preferably similiar skill level (I have 550 wins, 8% winrate, 2.4 K/D)
    *edit: this season my winrate and K/D are better because I now main solos because of the lack of friends to play with (season 8 solo stats: 13 wins, 17.3% winrate, 3.9 K/D*

  3. Gamertag is R4NDY x SAVAGE, Epic username is R4NDY_x_SAVAGE

    I play on NA East, on Xbox.

    I dont have a mic but I can hear all your comms just fine.

    My k/d this season is around 2.5 in solos, 2.2 overall bc I usually have to solo squad when my bot friends die. I have great game sense and aim but not much of an aggressor. If you’re looking for someone to grind wins with using good game sense and rotations lmk.

  4. IGN: Beausa, region is EU but I can stretch to NAE. I’m an average player just looking for people to get some wins with, I do have a mic and I play on PC.

  5. Username: Ramen Noodle Cup
    MIC: Always.
    Notes: Looking for people to play with, skill isn’t a big factor. Love to have fun and talk while playing.
    Can get serious when needed. Always looking to win and improve but not our only reason for playing!

  6. (PC, NA east) looking for help with the getaway challenges. I’m not very good but really like the back bling and crowbar, and I have no mic. Don’t care about the stats as Kong’s as you can help with the challenges.

  7. (NA East, Xbox) Looking for a 4th squad member or even a partner to run Getaway with. Have 2 wins on Getaway and am trying to grind to the 5th! Epic is TPizzle35 and that is my Xbox gamertag as well. Add me and we will get some games in!


    Edit: I have a mic as well.

  8. * **Username:** M0uth_Breather
    * **Current Platform:** PC
    * **Your Region:** NA East
    * **Mic:** No
    * **Notes:** casual player, mostly trash (WR 1%, K/D 0.6ish). Looking for non-sweaty squad mates who can stick together and collaborate (e.g. share ammo, mark shields…is that so hard?). Not interested in dropping into Tilted, Salty, or Retail for immediate death. Occasionally play cross-platform with my son, so would be extra to squad up with the right people to get him is first VR and also fill up a Getaway squad. Thanks!

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