22 thoughts on “Saw a lot of people talking about a Zoey hero, so I tried my best…”

  1. I’d rather have her as an Outlander, honestly.

    I love Ninjas, I’m not being hateful towards them, I just don’t think her design really fits as a Ninja. I could really only see her as a Soldier or an Outlander.

  2. great job, but I always saw zoey as an outlander, maybe with her sizemic smash droping gumdrops. Of course, I have no room to talk, as I havent put in the time to make something like this. Great work dude!

  3. With a stereotypical oversweet and loud almost shouting voice in mind, Some line concepts for Zoey:

    (Seeing husks) “*gasp* Oh gosh, husks!” “Here husky husky husky!”

    (Seeing mist monsters) “Guys, watch out! It’s a [Mist monster]” “Wow! These guys are cute!” [Smasher specific]”Woah… That’s REALLY big!”

    (Can’t do something) “Sorry!” “No! Nonono!” “Aww, I can’t!”

    (Killing husks) “Woo! This is fun!” “Eat this, husks!” “We’re doing great!”

    (Knocked) “Ow…. They hurt meeee!” “Owie Owie Owie!”

    (Building) “I’m gonna build a lollipop!” “Hey! Look what I can do!”

    (Dancing) “Let’s go! This is what I call a sweet shuffle!” “This is so much fun!” “*Humming the default dance theme* Yeah!”

  4. the only reason i dont want her is
    1st she will probably have a high pitched overly positive voice

    2nd battle royale scammers will use her because she is a ninja and a old season 4 skin

    3rd horny kids will use her

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