43 thoughts on “The only Outlander we will ever need”

  1. i wish the commander versions of perks had a different name instead of all being +. Like “can’t leave without it” and “really can’t leave without it” would be funny

  2. Another good thing about this Outlander is that he will mitigate 100% of the damage taken as long as the Medkit’s not picked up. That’ll make him kinda OP, i’m pretty sure.

  3. I straight just leave him to die despite the fact that he is one of the easiest survivors to get. It’s just the audacity of him to ask for a damn med kit and demand not to be saved unless he has it.

  4. The commander perk should also drop 3 infinity gauntlets that can only be picked up by teammates by the start of the match. Or else the commander perk would be wayyyy to underpowered

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