48 thoughts on “When can we have Zoey in Save the World?”

  1. If you want that hero in StW, how about suggesting a back story?

    How does Zoey stay so bright and cheery in a world where 98% of the population disappeared overnight and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory fell silent, never again to produce another Everlasting Gobstopper?

  2. I know most people will think “Never, it’s too late. Epic would have done that by now if they were ever going to,” but the fact that Power Chord is coming in the Twine Peaks storyline (she’s Penny’s sister) gives me hope.

  3. **Someone posts the same post but with her ingame screenshot**

    Gets downvoted to hell and 90% of the comments are “lmao no ugly skin”

    **OP post the exact same thing but with an lewd fanart**

    Gets upvoted to the frontpage

    Edit: also gets fucking silver

  4. I’ve wanted Zoey aka zoe zoe and Teknique added into STW since day one Zoey should be able shoot out pink llama bullets from her pink gun abilities while beating husks back into their holes with a candy cane crowbar because..Zoey. Teknique should be able to use spray paint to tag husks with different or random elemental DOT effects. both abilities would fit these two in my opinion.

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