17 thoughts on “Found this on the other sub. Looks like it fits for StW pretty well too”

  1. Why the fuck are BR a players complaining? Yeah, it really must suck to have epic fix problems immediately and have a constant change in mechanics with new features, modes and items.

    We have waited almost a year for 1 new trap (the thing the game centres around)

  2. Yeah, and everytime i try play a mission it either doesnt find any players or the players are either afk, ignoring objective or leaving after few mins so i have to do everything by myself. It kills all the interest i have in this game.

  3. Idk why the BR kids are complaining, BR is pretty well-balanced and maintained. But I also don’t get why StW players are leaving, this is the most new content we’ve had… well, ever. And before anyone complains about both of the recent events being a bunch of fetch quests, keep in mind they gave us a new zone, new hero system, the improvement we’ve asked for the most in SSDs, released a cool, unique set of weapons and heroes, all of which are actually unique and fun to use, two new, unique storylines, AND a ton of improvements already in the works between now and 10.0

  4. I okay when daily challenges build up to 3 and when the weekly’s come out on br. Stw is so laggy and broken omg. I been playing this morning and I want to die now lol. Both sides of the game suck rn 😢

  5. The last part is wrong, because being end game twine, I can easily quit. There’s nothing for me to do. I log on to do new events and collect new weapons, but I’m done grinding to level all this stuff up, what am I really supposed to do? I could have made it end game using a seigebreaker from the day I started. There’s no incentive to use anything else, and that is only marred by the fact it takes so much grinding for mats. Not playing the game and enjoying yourself, but mindless grinding, adhering to some weird alert cooldowns system.

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