Let us have an option to Convert some or all of our AMP-UP!, FIRE-UP! and FROST-UP! into RE-PERK!

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I would like to have an option to be able to convert some or all of my elemental perk-up to general re-perk for an easier way to get re-perk if needed, never use mine as my weapons are all energy based currently. [I have so much of FIRE-UP, FROST-UP, AMP-UP resources that I will never use them all ever](https://imgur.com/a4G4R5W) and my pile continues to grow all the time. would be a nice relief to have a stockpile of re-perk on the ready if i need some for the future just in case 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Let us have an option to Convert some or all of our AMP-UP!, FIRE-UP! and FROST-UP! into RE-PERK!”

  1. Into Re-Perk or Epic / Legendary Perk-up.

    Those two is not in weekly store and it takes forever to grind it. A weapon reset for 20 V-bucks or so would also be nice.

  2. I’d rather have it so it either can be used as a small cost when crafting the gun to make a single gun of that type but it stays the base type or used to permanently unlock an element type on a gun so you can perma craft the gun in that type.

  3. Generally, I think we can say that most players don’t modify or experiment with the Elemental types. It was an idea that just didn’t work out (having the elemental UPS!). All we really need is REPERK – which could alter any attribute of a schematic. Epic will probably get round to doing this at some stage. They got rid of the useless Daily Coins, so there’s hope yet!

  4. thank you for the gold and ideas on how to improve my suggestion in the future. it seems like everytime i post it gets overtaken by meme’s and other stuff but whatever I guess <3

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