9 thoughts on “The constructor we deserve on pl 100 legendary perk up mission”

  1. Power base 14 pushers 8 launchers and about 4k brick, wife as base Kyle. I just did that about 8 times. Forgot the 16 wall spikes with leg heals. Walls have about 8.8k health 1 mission the mini boss made it through both our banners which made the walls like 20k.

    While it’s not that exciting. It’s just me and her . She’s lvl 52. Killed about 30k brick but we got through almost all her yarr quest. And like.1.2 k leg.

  2. If everyone in the pl100 x4 mission would stop shooting down the balloon and then not building anything around it while I’m in the middle of building trap tunnels it would be great.

    I had the most elegant combo of floor/wall launchers and multi level tunnels to launch husks off the map rather than blowing up in the tunnel. And it went to waste because some mouthbreather shot the balloon down as soon as 8 minutes hit. And then didn’t build anything around the balloon and went AFK beside it. Feelsbad

  3. Looks like it would work.

    Also looks expensive. I handled that mission last night with 4 floor launchers, 4 wall launchers, 4 WFS and 8 Broadsides. Defender pads are optional (although helpful) and other trap tunnels aren’t really necessary.

    I suppose I should probably do a write-up for it.

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