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    ###What’s New?

    – **Cannonade Launcher**

    – Loud Noises! Heroes and Husks will have a blast with this new Rapid Rocket Launcher

    – [Click here to view Image](https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Fortnite%2Fpatch-notes%2Fv8-20-content-update%2Fstw-header-v8-20-content-update%2F08StW_SteamPunkWeapons_Social_RocketLauncher-1920×1080-53c103d54d805f02af4f75e18a3dddbb2f7ed237.jpg)

    ###Weapons + Items

    – Cannonade Launcher

    – A chaotic, rapid-fire, automatic launcher that shoots small explosive rounds.

    – Available in the Weekly Store from April 3 at 8 PM Eastern Time until April 10 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

    ###V8.20.1 Resolved Issues

    – On March 29 we released a client update to fix some issues that appeared in the v8.20 update. Find all the details on which issues were resolved below!

    – **Save the World**

    – Re-enabled the X Marks the Spot sub-objective.

    – Fixed an issue where the X Marks the Spot objective was removing items from player inventories.

    – Fixed an issue that was causing B.A.S.E to incorrectly hover over player built structures.

    – **Are you experiencing an issue that’s not listed here? Let us know on any of our official social channels or by using the in-game Feedback feature found in Options.**

    – How to use the in-game Feedback report system:

    – While in-game, open the Options menu

    – Navigate to the Feedback Button

    – Create a Bug report to provide us with logs of the issue

    – **When reporting issues please include information such as:**

    – Description of the issue

    – Account Name (optional)

    – Platform

    – Link to video or images

    – Include details on when this issue started happening

    ###Known Issues

    *Want to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board [here](https://trello.com/b/Bs7hgkma/fortnite-community-issues).*

  2. Hey! Since Magyst normally keeps an eye on update threads and there’s literally nothing to comment on in this patch…let’s take a moment to bring this up again:


  3. I don’t see this listed as an issue fixed but although the spawning knocked with wrong abilities is fixed, I’m frequently noticing suddenly being unable to move in game and weapon disappearing and not being able to use it.
    This results in getting damaged by husks and briefly appearing to be afk while it’s happening because unable to move. Game is not frozen while this happens as I can always still move direction I’m viewing game, it’s just the movement and weapon use.

    Platform is Xbox
    Issue is intermittent

    Anybody else having this happen?

  4. PSA to people who are disappointed! This is a **content update!** Not a full patch. This is just for minor bug fixes and to officially announce the new explosive weapon! They save the big stuff for actual patches! Don’t worry, the team has got this covered. We need more faith in the STW team! Remember that thy don’t have as many employees and resources as the BR team! Keep pushing back the storm and get out there and kill some husks!

  5. Please consider adding more hero loadout slots. 5 is not nearly enough. Every day I am having to wiped out one of my loadouts so I can retool it for things like daily missions, etc.


    10 or 15 is a more reasonable number. 5 is just not enough for people that have everything unlocked.

  6. u/Magyst Can you confirm if this weapon receives the “Avast Mateys” buff?

    And while we’re at it, could you explain precisely what are the things that receive the Buff? It is not clear at all.

    Certainly it affects his commander perk and team perk but what else?
    Only two other lancers of a past event that if you don’t have, suck to be you? and on the new lancer? does it even work on new traps? one of the event guns fires small cannonballs like bullets, does it work on him? Does it work on everything named as a cannon? Even the Hand-cannons?

    So – Many – Doubts!

    Please, a clarification!

  7. can we get Peely and Ember as STW heroes I want to throw banana peels at the husks and watch them bust their arses.. While going all D.&D. fire mage mode with Ember… Epic please don’t miss this opportunity.
    Also everyone is still waiting on Zoey and Teknique as STW characters.. we want our Pink gun wielding Diva and Spray Paint Husk tagging Punk skater gal.

  8. Next week without endgame too ….. hmmmmmmm. but the 4 hours story u added will keep us playing a month.

    may u try to survive a month with one lolly (joke, dont do it we need u 😉 ).

  9. For fucks sake, there’s nothing for us in the content update except a launcher we wont get until OVER 24 hours have passed. It’s spring break for me epic, c’mon. Also this launcher was decided and made at least a few weeks ago, it’s not like they spent this week on it or anything.

  10. How about in the future, new stuff is added to the event store instead and on the day the update goes live? Like everything else in the event store, it gets removed at the end of the season.

    I don’t think anyone would object to that.

  11. We want these 6 heroes in STW (some ideas that could work)

    Zoey Pink weapon abilities enough said..

    Teknique pull out a can then spray and tag husks with elements

    Omega an outlander soldier hybrid that summons attack drones a healing tower and a vortex cannon that fires out micro wormholes

    Ember burn them burn the world..fire and brim stone baby! totally D&D.. bows gain increased affliction duration

    Peely it’s a slippery step here husks try not to peel out when the door hits you. (welcome to bad puns anonymous) tosses banana peels that stagger targets and cause them to bust their arses..

    Leviathan the invasion has begun humans…pick a side.
    I know a lot of people who’d be happy with this much..
    a soldier that buffs energy weapon damage by a lot. uses a laser cannon ability.

    what does the community think?

  12. Running into power level 1s in twine again. Invisible in lobby or party but clearly in the game. Don’t know if it’s a bug or the old cheat.

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