Canny Side Quests Gone

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After sitting on the “Complete 3 Play With Others in Canny” mission for what felt like ages, I had just started working through the Canny side quests. I don’t remember which quest exactly I was on, but it was in the “PL46+” section and a few beyond the “Save the Teddy Bears!” quest.

After 8.20 released, I completed the quest I was on by completing 3 Fight the Storm missions. That’s when I noticed that, unlike usual, no new Side Quest had appeared to take its place.

I can see in the [Canny Quest Archive]( that they went all the way up to the PL70+ zone. I’m not sure if these quests always ended here, if they were intentionally or unintentionally removed in the 8.20 update, or if I’m experiencing some kind of display bug.

Edit: I’ve completed SSD6 in all zones, and have completed the Main Quest up to the PL82+ section of Twine missions. That’s how I noticed this, I was looking for the Canny mission to find a mission type that would count for both, and the only Side Quests I had were for the SSD7s.

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