my most powerful setup

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optionally run bio energy source as team perk
combined with freedoms herald this setup is really strong scored 28k helping a guy with his canny ssd8
no traps involved in the damage score .not only is it incredibly strong it is a very fun setup . also using dragoon, crankshot,spectral,guardians will and new hammer with 3x movement speed on this setup depending on situations

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3 thoughts on “my most powerful setup”

  1. ofc you have a high combat score in ssds without traps, you get a hitmarker on almost everything…

    but nice build anyways, such a cool looking character

    have you tried shifting gears on her? i hated that

  2. I like it! I use a similar build with Fireflower EE that revolves around Bio-energy Source and Fuel for the fallen along with survivalist to consistently regenerate shields, health, and energy. I also slotted Whiteout, Deadly Blade, and Assassin so I use it as an unkillable axe outlander

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