🔴 Custom Matchmaking with my Subscirbers! [Fortnite] LIVE

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Discord: https://discord.gg/HcWkdG

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Dubs With Subs RULES:

1. To play Fortnite with me, you must first send me a friend request (YT SPOCxli)
2. Second, you must send me a game/party invite and leave a comment on my video letting me know your Epic/Fortnite username.
3. I will then choose three people to join my lobby (I will do my best to invite people to my lobby in the order that requests are received. Please understand that this is note an easy task.)
4. Those three people will have a chance to play a total of three matches with me.
5. Each person will have the opportunity to choose the team’s landing location once. If you do not choose a landing location on your turn, you forfeit the right to choose a landing location.
6. If your mic has static, echo, is too loud, etc… I will give you one warning to correct the issue before I mute you entirely. I do this to keep the quality of my stream high.
7. If you curse on stream, I will give you one warning before I mute you (I reserve the right to kick you from the party entirely without warning if I feel that it is necessary)
8. If you continue to curse or become toxic in my stream, I WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THE PARTY AND BAN YOU FROM MY CHANNEL – PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE!
9. Once you’ve played at least three games with me, I will then start a new lobby and play with three new subscribers. I will do this until a) I am done streaming for the day or b) everyone has has had a chance to play at least once.
10. Once everyone has played at least once, I will then pick three players of my choosing to play again. You MAY or MAY NOT get a chance to play with me a second time.

If you have any questions about these rule, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them the best I can.

These rules were created to give everyone a fair chance to play with me. Thank you for your understanding!


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