FORTNITE – The Cube Is Moving – Flip Times And Schedules Leaked Map Locations – LIVE Cube Event

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the cube is moving about every 53 minutes or Hour and 30 Minutes and we are watching live

Alien Symbol In side the cube –

Mystery cube appeared –

live rift vanishing –

How To Complete All The Week 7 challenges –

Email For Private Lesson Info –

v5.30 Patch Notes –

New Road trip skin leaked –

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Xbox Gamer Tag – CronicGamerZ YT
epic tag – cronicgamerz_yt

cronics theory – Croncics Theory – cube will burn 7 symbols into 7 different locations on the map moving slowly through the map until the end of season 5 then it will be a big event when the symbols start changing the map

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Im just getting this stuff figured out please let me know how the quality of the products are thanks so much for all the support

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Check ouy my nephews twitch page! He live streams fortnite, and is
the BEST player I have ever seen.


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