The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun w/ 50 Levels! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

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The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun w/ 50 Levels! (Fortnite Creative Mode)
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Today, I conquer Kenny’s 50 Level Default Deathrun. Hope you guys enjoy!

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The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun w/ 50 Levels! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

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44 thoughts on “The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun w/ 50 Levels! (Fortnite Creative Mode)”

  1. How do u call this easy I play on ps4 and u said it takes no skill and i can’t even get past 28 this is not a default death run but no hate

  2. Probhenis: I’m glad I continued to hold down every letter of the alphabet on my keyboard

    Ps: I’m not being rude but he kept saying he was glad he held down the letters

  3. Hey dude, liked it and plus… 15 deaths and 50 stages completed because its an EASY deathrun/parkour hehehe, but to be real i really liked it and let me show you guys the last death he had. Your welcome… 14:45

  4. He died on level 30 because look at his impulse count at 7:32 , it is 8 which means that when he started he would have 8, but he started with three so he is editing the video so it looks like he one shot when it probably took him many times

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