NEW Item In Fortnite Season 9

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I think this is a good bet for what could be an awesome new item in the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass. I also think we will be getting it before Season 9 and will see it make an appearance in the item shop!

I hope you guys enjoy the video! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “NEW Item In Fortnite Season 9”

  1. Bonnie I know that some of the characters can remove hats now but as you did it in the vid, that would be very similar to selectable styles which got introduced in season 4. So why would they be introducing it in selectable styles? If their adding hats why won’t they make a new selectable style thing similar to it but name it hats?

  2. Season 1 – Season Shop
    Season 2 – Battle Pass
    Season 3 – Skydiving trails
    Season 4 – Sprays
    Season 5 – Toys
    Season 6 – Pets and Lobby music
    Season 7 – Wraps
    Season 8 – Transversal emotes
    Season 9 – Hats (If Lord Bonnie is right)
    Season 10 – ????

    Edit: My theory:
    Maybe, in season 10 the new thing is nothing more than…
    Death Animations! If you die/Kill a enemy, the enemy/you die in a different way. (Example: Thanos snap)

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