#1 XBOX Player vs. #1 PS4 Player! Best Fortnite Console Players 1v1! (PS4 vs XBOX)

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#1 XBOX Player vs. #1 PS4 Player! Best Fortnite Console Players 1v1! (PS4 vs XBOX)

In this Fortnite video, the Best PS4 player and the best Xbox player 1v1 aganist each other in playground! Find out in this video who is the best console player in Fortnite!

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49 thoughts on “#1 XBOX Player vs. #1 PS4 Player! Best Fortnite Console Players 1v1! (PS4 vs XBOX)”

  1. Just for clarification, both these guys are #1 on their respective console for KILLS! To say they're not good is just not true, NetJ has a 36 Kill solo quad game, 99% of the people trash talking dont have more than a 15 kill game

  2. i'm an xbox one player, they're the best console players but WHY ARE THEIR BUILDS SOOO AVERAGE… I literally can build better than them, and i feel as if a can easily clap em lol…

  3. Bro this is Fake
    Sry but those guys are not Bad but there are a lot of Players which are mich better(if you don’t Trust me i’m sure i’ll beat Them)
    Otter ways watch @kamolrf

  4. For anybody saying that they could beat these players now…. shut up. Look how old this video is. If you played against either of these players right now they would literally take your virginity through their monitors because they clapped you so hard.

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