54 thoughts on “The rewards from a Denied + Rolling Fog Wargames in Twine…”

  1. Yeah, the nerf was serious overkill. They should have either taken out Husk Swarm, *or* nerfed the rewards. But doing both just killed Wargames and any incentive to do it. All those weeks of grinding, wasted now. :/

  2. Yeah now customs are worthless. They encouraged us to do daily to get the ‘most’ of rewards. It is still nerfed, so rewards are worthless to your time too.

  3. It does feel like epic are punishing the player base because they screwed up by putting in place AFK Wargames, which people exploited. But the way I see it is, the in game economics have to be rebalanced, this is because the game will become full of players with all schematics and heroes with nothing to grind if they had left it as it was. Balancing so many variables to keep people’s progress and interest in the game active is such a tough job. I didn’t AFK too much as I nearly had everything anyway, but I’m happy I still have to grind the perk up. Don’t moan embrace the grind 🙂

  4. This is how it should have been from the start – simple, lazy content that you can still can AFK with easy modifiers and offer minimal rewards. The effort required to set up AFK wargames is close to nothing, even my alt has 30k epic perk up from last season.

  5. I got ever so slightly more than you but I assume it would be down to PL difference. They have really nerfed this for pretty much any form of farming now god I spend so many hours farming war games with AFK setups and hosting them now it seems pointless to even tough them again.

  6. The core logic with this nerf was just poorly thought out. I understand StW isn’t Clicker Heroes, so we don’t want people to AFK and get rewarded. But instead of changing the game so you can’t AFK, you just change the rewards to be so terrible that it just isn’t worth playing that mode anymore?

    Even the Daily Challenges are not worth it – Storm King or a 4P or an Mutant Storm Radar Grid will reward you more, and you don’t have to do all that base setup. At the very least, the game should make the first run for each zone each day have a decent bonus, and the Daily Challenge should be worth a lot too. And make the rewards selectable – Stonewood Daily Challenge just gives gold which a lot of people don’t need, and CV is fricking Reperk. Why not rub our noses in it and make them Elemental Perkup?

    Long term – there are so many ways that they could have changed Wargames to make full team AFK impossible, so then you allow people playing Wargames if that is what you enjoy and still give good rewards. Takers should not just circle the objective if they can’t find you – give them the ability to make a teleport door so other critters start popping in at your base if you don’t take care of them. Spawn bosses each wave with similar powers of being able to summon friends when left alone near amps or SS, and something similar for smashers too. Prevent being able to roof directly over spawn points and meteors should destroy any structures they pass through (not just ones 3 squares from ground). Etc etc.

  7. Holy crap. I was getting around 80 gold (I think), 50 perk-up and 32 drops of rain when those were the rewards.

    You have to work harder and the rewards were nerfed into the ground. There really is no point in playing the mode anymore. You can get rewards like that on any mission in Plankerton.

  8. Thank god I perked up some of my traps when I could. Still need to legendary perk my wall launcher, floor launcher, and dynamos. I have to epic perk my wall darts and retractable floor spikes. *sigh* i really hate playing pubs.

  9. Yup. No point for wargames anymore.. might as well tear them down and get my herbs and planks back.

    Plus. Mods will remove this post since “No GaMe rEsUlTs ScrEeNsHoTs AlLowed”
    They removed a similar post of mines with the rewards for doing the canny daily

  10. Epic: Everyone AFKs wargames with traps instead of placing a TEDDY every 60 seconds :(((((

    Also Epic: *nerfs rewards so its only worth doing wargames if you’re AFK*

  11. Of course people shot playing Wargames cause they can’t get easy rewards for doing virtually nothing. I’m like “Boo-hoo! Now you actually have to play the game.”

  12. Wargames AFK’ing was an unintended consequence which turned out to be a brilliant feature.

    To build an AFK wargames machine you need to learn how to trap then farm a boat load of building and trap materials, more often or not some builds will be scrapped and revised until perfected. This in itself is a great mechanism to reduce the number of players who were appearing in Twine without a clue about even basic trapping techniques.

    It was great seeing some of the incredibly artistic yet functional builds some players were able to create or at the other end helping players who were trying but with clearly defective builds.

    Removing the tickets after season 9 seems fair but regardless of AFK’ing wargames for evo mats was still a considerable grind to level up just one schematic at the former reward levels but worth the effort. The former wargame rewards hurt nobody, it made the SSD’s useful again for endgame players and gave us a reason to experiment with different traps and try out different SSD builds.

    I find it quite sad that there are so many who care if someone AFK’s in their own SSD wargames, it has no effect whatsoever on them personally except perhaps that they might have problems finding public matches to leech off of themselves.

  13. Given you are not even really playing the game the rewards are sufficient. All the complaining does is show epic that giving us any sort of mode in the future that can be AFK’d is a big mistake as they will only cop shit for removing those rewards, apart from that it destroyed the player base in normal matches.

    Sure there are lots of other games you could AFK and not play and be happy though, just not this one anymore.

    Despite all this given you are not playing a minimal amount or perk up will be fine for some, if not for you them do another mission and actually play the damn game.

  14. If you get 1 gold as a reward for afking, then thats 1 gold for doing nothing so i cant see how anyone has anything to complain about if they did not work.

    My god, how did you guys get tickets before wargames? You talk as if the world has ended.

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