My concept how to slightly improve loadout menu navigation

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I’m new to reddit and have noticed it does not feel good with more then 1 image in a post (or I don’t know how to use it properly) so I uploaded all the images to imgur: [](

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10 thoughts on “My concept how to slightly improve loadout menu navigation”

  1. Only thing I would consider changing is your last icon for no abilities heroes. With that icon it looks like it would only display assault weapon perk heroes or maybe even only ranged weapon heroes.

    I do however love how it would be easier to augment your heroes abilities by picking the abilities and then seeing the heroes that you can slot.

    After picking you abilities all that would be left would be weapons and abilities that all heroes can use.

  2. I would love some implementation of this. Only question I have is how would it work on console, r1 and l1 are to switch load outs, and triggers are to switch which hero type you’re looking for

  3. Looks good but I rather make it that you can change abilities and make some heroes useful and me stop using the minigun for soldiers and turret for constructors one of the most annoying things to use in 30 fps on console and the risk of using it

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