62 thoughts on “The first cosmetic reward for STW players, not buyers!”

  1. I want STW cosmetics in BR so I can let other players know I play STW.

    I want husk sprays. Cartoon traps like spike and gas traps.

    Emotes with little floaty stickers of stuff from STW like blu glo.

  2. Imagine playing squads in br with a tier 7 pickaxe and saying im a hacker i got these unreleased stuff to a little kid, all jokes aside. This will probably make skin collectors in br play save the world which means more players.

  3. I really don’t understand why people are so excited to flex the Twine pickaxe in BR when there is a massive amount of BR pickaxes that look lightyears better than that shitty rocket powered pin needle looking ass pickaxe. The BR kiddos are just going to look at you special snowflakes like, “Ok? That’s it?” Meanwhile the BR kid has a fucking golden staff with a gawd-damn diamond encrusted in the middle as a pickaxe.

    And the other random BRkiddies whose balls haven’t even remotely formed yet to soon drop, yelling racial slurs into the mic awhile watching Pewdiepie while he’s family goes ape shit in the background and building 90s, or whatever that stupid shit is called, all have the Fishing hook, dual wield battle axes and a fucking moon staff with a beautiful floating crystal half moon. And other crazy shit as pickaxes.

    You guys think they’re going to be jealous but, **they’re.not**.

  4. Hmm, I’m not too sure about this. To me, this wording seems more like “we will grant all the earnable Save the World pickaxes as cosmetic items to everyone” rather than “we will grant all the pickaxes you *personally* have unlocked in Save the World as cosmetic items”. Specifically, they say “all of the unique pickaxes you earn” (as in, the pickaxes you *can* earn), not “all of the unique pickaxes you *have* earned”.


    I do hope I’m wrong (and that’s coming from someone who only has, I think, the tier 3 pickaxe), but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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