25 thoughts on “Well, this was a sneaky little buff Epic made to Calamity. And I love it!”

  1. Neat.
    I loved Calamity before but want to try out the outlander pistol builds a bit more. Gonna go back to her.

    Still, hope they replace her Minigun with something that suits her more in the future.

  2. Is it worth to spend one of my two hero tickets for her? Been maining pistol builds now and specially after getting beetlejess, or should i wait if theres a chance she will return with this road trip event?

  3. This is cool and I love Calamity, but hate her last “final form.” Its kind of a pretty reason to not use her as a hero but it’s why I dont, despite her being my most used skin in the other mode. Tier 1 and tier 3 Calamity are my favorites. I’ve had in since day 1 she came out, but keep her at level 10.

    Hoping when the locker gets updated, we can choose between forms. With her and Lynx specifically

  4. Does anyone have any idea how this works (if it does) with that energy pistol (forget the name) that has the cool down and no reload? Since it doesn’t have a magazine or reload, would this just boost it for 6 shots then never again?

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