14 thoughts on “AFTER 458 days I am finally 131 😭😤”

  1. Congratulations. I’m only pl 129 cause for awhile they weren’t giving me mythic leads. To level up. Been playing since July 23rd 2017 and logged in for 709 days

  2. Yeah I didn’t get that lucky it always gave me epic and sometimes legendary. I had to buy a lot of my mythics in upgrade llamas. I never stopped playing but I always try to login daily. Even some days I don’t wanna play

  3. Congrats!But i guess it’s a lot easier these days?.I’m at day 180 and at pl128 and have all my survivors to 5 stars upgraded yesterday.Now i only have to wait around 24 days for my research points to reach pl130…
    But i must say that i only focused on survivors the entire way and almost always play 4x missions.

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