16 thoughts on “Am I talking to Epic or a Scammer?”

  1. I don’t think they’d ask for the details of your payment card, or IP address, not only that but I put out a support ticket from them a few days ago and I don’t remember seeing .mail in the email, if I had to guess I’d say it’s a scammer.

  2. Its from Epic. Helpshift is where Customer Support responds to their tickets from. I can confirm, I have contacted Customer Support MANY times and have received it from that exact email.

  3. None of this would give them access to your account(s).

    All of these things will just allow them to determine where the last purchase(s) were from and if it was your account or not.

    You can answer all of these things safely, it looks like it wouldn’t be any more personal than showing someone your receipt.

  4. All of this is required if you don’t fill all of it out to your best knowledge that you may be shit out of luck. When i forgot the email i changed my account to i had to request them to change it back. I had to fill this whole thing out. However once i did they responses back were pretty quick i got the whole ordeal figured out within 2 days.

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