22 thoughts on “BOTTLE FLIP = LOOT Challenge In Fortnite!”

  1. muselk please do a duo video with chapadoodle from season 5 when you tried to save him but killed him, I think we all wanna see you play with chapadoodle.
    like if you want this comment to stay at the top so muselk sees it


    Hey Mr, Muselk, I have been a fan since a very long time, normally I don't have requests cuz I am happy with what I have got but in the meantime, I have been thinking.. every dumb challenge you had, you succeeded to get a Victory Royale.
    I will give you a challenge, and its one of a kind, nobody has done it before, are you up for the challenge Mr, Muselk? look down Below for the challenge

    Here is the Challenge, Play Fortnite with 1 hand! if you walk you use the hand to walk, move cam? use the same hand to move the camera ( ALSO COUNTS IN COMBAT 1 hand only) use only 1 hand, you can say 1 arm is tied up on your back, and get a DUB, what is allowed: Healings, guns ( doesn't matter what guns, all mats) get a dub with 1 HAND, if MrFreshAsian, decides to join you… he faces the same challenge.

    cheating is not allowed!! no other person can touch your keyboard OR mouse, so no cheating allowed!
    and now.. you can also not use your face to press any keys…( just saying) ONLY 1 hand. left or right doesn't matter, you cant use the other one NO MATTER WHAT.

    oh yeah.. almost forgot to mention… I know you long enough so you will find a way to make it easy… Mech-Robot NOT ALLOWED!
    Have fun and Goodluck Mr,Muselk.

    Regards, Ferris
    Fortnite: MrNinjaMatserATK

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