8 thoughts on “Change my mind”

  1. Agreed in my opinion it’s the most balanced weapon in the game as their is no rng with what damage its going to hit for. As it will either be 150 damage or 392 something like that if you hit a headshot. For example the pump goes from damages from like 9-200 with rng damage. At least with the heavy sniper I know what I am going for certain damage them for.

  2. Please, stop. It’s embarrassing. The bolt is balanced. The heavy is not. The 1 shots walls is fine, the 150/157 body damage is not. I’ll get downvoted for my opinion here but not a single good player thinks the heavy is balanced.

  3. It isn’t balanced at all. Takes no skill and can one shot to the body usually. Plus it one shots walls. Not balanced whatsoever. It needs to hit the vault or the damage needs to be lowered.

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