SEASON 7 PATCH NOTES! New Fortnite Update!

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New fortnite season 7 update!

here are some of the details from the patch notes “BATTLE ROYALE
X-4 Stormwing Plane
5 total seats.
Seats 4 passengers (on the wings) and a pilot.
Has a mounted machine gun. Be careful, it can overheat.
Players will go into the skydiving state when exiting the X-4 Stormwing.
Use the roll buttons for sharp turns.
Pressing both will fly upside down.
Double tapping roll buttons will do a barrel roll.
Can boost and airbrake for extra mobility.”

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42 thoughts on “SEASON 7 PATCH NOTES! New Fortnite Update!”

  1. I’ve played season 7 already and I can proudly say that I’ve never had this much fun playing forknife like seriously it’s 10 times better now

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