6 thoughts on “The laser was planned the whole time. It was just a publicity stunt. The assholes don’t even care.”

  1. They could’ve had it planned, scrapped it because they thought it wasn’t that necessary, then decide to add it back due to people being upset. Now you might be right, but they are already one of the most popular games in the world, they don’t really need any more publicity, which is why I doubt it was for publicity.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, they thought, oh a laser pointer shouldn’t be necessary, so they threw it out, But since you whining little pricks won’t shut up about how it’s “OP” they decided to add minimal changes to say a nice “screw you, learn how to adapt”

  3. I don’t care if I get downvotes but you can use boogie bombs or epic can increase its spawn rates. It should be removed from Solos/Arena Solos. Increase spawnrate in teamrumble.

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