I think Vlogs Could End This “EPIC Doesn’t Care About STW” Mentality

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System Era, the developers of A game called Astroneer would make [[Vlogs]](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3guJW-y0JA) showcasing what they were working on, some in-office giggles and what was going on. I think if the team spent 5-10 minutes going around the office with a camera and throwing it up on youtube it would make the world of a difference. It would be just the proof this sub needs that EPIC and the devs care about STW(Could also do this for “The other mode”).

Would anyone else be interested if they did this?

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16 thoughts on “I think Vlogs Could End This “EPIC Doesn’t Care About STW” Mentality”

  1. I think they should live stream, then playing StW. And allow people to ask them questions while they play. And showcase some of the in-game problems.

  2. They fucking used to do regular dev vlogs

    Now it’s nothing but competitive shit and anything about STW Timmy, Jimmy, and Hunter all get their roblox clan to mass downvote the video and screech about how nobody cares about STW give me batl pas i want skuil troper back in store now

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