31 thoughts on “Repurposed Patrol Ward suggestion”

  1. Guys I’m pl34 I’m fucking new. I was under the impression that these kept husks from spawning in its radius.

    Is that not what the fuck it does?

    I am really confused now.

  2. Or… we could turn these useless things into something that stops lobbers and flingers.

    Put them on top of a base and it makes a dome shield that eats airborne projectiles.

  3. What if it made a radius that made it so husks couldnt go inside them. So you could place them in specific areas to make your trap tunnels work 100% of the time instead of that random propane going around and destroying your whole base. And if husks spawned inside the ward, they would need to move out of it immediately, this could kind of deal with flingers and lobbers being in the back all the time, throwing husks or skulls onto your roofs.

    Tl;dr: make the patrol ward not allow husks near it, makes trap tunnels more efficient, could kind of deal with lobbers/flingers

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