Fortnite Android – Download Fornite Mobile Android [Official Release]

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Hello Guys! In this video im showing how to get Fortnite Android. Presented Fortnite Mobile Android game is official beta release of this great application.

Presented version is still in beta phase – that’s why human verification is required. Verification process takes 5 minutes but belive me, this Fortnite Android Beta is worth it! You need to do verification only once, before Download Fortnite Android. After that you will have lifetime access to fortnite for android. If you don’t belive me that presented fortnite android apk file is 100% virus free – you can check it by clicking Virus Scan link on mobile-mods. If you don’t have account yet, then you will need to create it inside this fortnite mobile android application. Provided game file isn’t big because it’s only installer, other big game files are downloaded after installing this apk. Remember to report every problem you have with this game – that’s what beta is for.

Number of players is growing all time but we think that this Fortnite Android Beta version will stay open untill the day of release full version of game.

There is one thing that should convince you to download this fortnite mobile android beta stage. Every player who plays on beta will be rewarded with a few nice skins. Unfortunately we don’t know any details of this action but I thing everyone would like to get some nice free skin!

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