6 thoughts on “My son wants to send this to Epic Games…”

  1. Let him send it, let him be a kid, the wonder and luster of everything new in the world will disappear soon and he will have to face life as it really is.

    Its a precious time before you realise the world isn’t a great place and people are mostly selfish and good things don’t necessarily happen to good people.

    Oh & wrong reddit

  2. I know it’s probably a bit confusing if you don’t actively use reddit for Fortnite, but this place you posted isn’t for the mode your son is playing. Instead, you should try reddit.com/r/FortniteBR, as this is where this will be more relevant. Hope you can get Epic to see your son’s work!

  3. Hey, r/lostbrplayersdads? Post on the sub r/fortnitebr, who knows, someone could make a more detailed version and then epic will see it and next thing you know your swimming in karma and merchandise

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