15 thoughts on “We were on the verge of greatness”

  1. And alot of it giving which is kinda annoying if they have like an explosive and they shoot into the pile of them that had built up during battlethen it’s like a free 2 big pots in 0.1 second

  2. And this is basically where the casual and competitive people split

    I know and play with lot of Casual players and they completely love the zombies

    But this subreddit hates them and to me really does show how split the community can be

  3. Should’ve just kept the Mall and changed one of the PoI’s that hasn’t been changed in FOREVER. Fuck Epic’s “let’s delete season 9 from the record ASAP” attitude.

  4. All old locations is going to have something different from the old one.

    Tilted Town: No building or breaking

    Retail Row: Fiends

    Moisty Mire:???

    Greasy Grove: Ice Fiends probably

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