High End Twine rewards are a pittance!.

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I just finished Twine 140 Evacuate the Shelter.

Husks are 176!, right off the bat, we spawn in and literally half the Shield is already gone

Took 2 Outlanders, 4 Turrets, 2 Teddy’s, 1 Revive Heal to stop them.

Sure Nature Aim Bot Gunslingers and Flingers/Lobbers we will deal with.

Then it’s a race to build against the clock

People were building, destroying, creating tunnels, pathing. I go collect 10 Blu-Glo to put in the pylons to give us the extra bonus boost.

People dropping 130 traps, crafting weapons, Tier 3 everything

All that FUCKING WORK for this:

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176 Rain Drops?, when a mission reward from the other 140 x4 Eye of the Storm is giving out 180! Rain Drops as a Bonus!

While a 76 Ride the Lightning x4 Rain Drops is GIVING OUT LITERALLY 8 Less Rain Drops! @168 per.

How the hell did you scale up the GODDAMN REWARDS?

Yeah you have no clue or idea what this community needs

Edit: Wow thank you for the Gold, sorry I sound so heated but seriously, I waited the whole day hoping this game would at least have some reason to play High End Twine.

All I ask is level up rewards with a multiplier please!

Twine 76-100 Keep as is

Twine 108-124, x6

Twine 132-140, x10 or x12

That’s worth it.

When I earn 440-528 Rain Drops that should be the gold standard for high level missions.

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23 thoughts on “High End Twine rewards are a pittance!.”

  1. Agreed

    Exactly the reason I haven’t done regular missions since events, wargames and endurance.

    It’s not worth the time, effort or mats.

    You actually can get everything in the game now, without playing an actual regular mission.

  2. I swear this is Epic’s Fortnite 2 Tokens a Blue meme that we are going to live with

    Disclaimer: 2 Tokens and a Blue is a meme reference to Destiny 2. During a live video blog showcasing upcoming Expansion, the Community Manager hyped up and made it sound like your time will be worth the rewards. After watching what felt like a 15 minute to trigger the Heroic Public Event (most are less than 5 minutes in nature), the rewards were a pittance of 2 Tokens and Blue (Rare) armor or weapon piece, useless and pointless!

    So High End Twine of large Sum of Rewards is literally a jump of 7% of rewards (not counting the bonus, that got pushed slightly by 33%, but of course that’s only 1 time a day mission reward per).

  3. I don’t understand how Epic is so tied to this idea of making the game as frustrating to play as possible because it can not be for retention. Obviously their stubbornness on these issues has chased players away. Nothing about disrespecting my time encourages me to play more, or spend money.

    I am just convinced the devs are idiots. From releasing a season with bare minimum “content” for a month in stw, to brute in br, reskinning a damn dog and selling it for more than the battle pass it came in, their idea of “significant increase” in rewards being… this? I just can’t do it anymore. Epic is so fucking stubborn and immovable on basically anything their players are asking for, and they have an entire game shut down because of it.

    This company is so disrespectful to their player base. It is beyond belief that I have given them as much money as I have. I need to find something else to play. Two years of this shit has really gotten to me.

  4. Yep high twine still super broken. There are CANNY missions that can produce 150+ rain per run sometimes. And you’re getting almost that little in a 4x 140? Terribly unbalanced.

  5. you would literally max out all of your items in what, a few days running evac the shelter with 440 dor as a reward. this game would die so fast. with the different metas in the game we dont even use all the damn weapons or traps. PLUS youre suppose to grind this game out not beg to have shit given to you this easily. look at the game dark souls, are you gonna beg to make the game easier when you cant even get passed stage 2? like dude if you dont want to run evac the shetler cause of how many mats u need, then dont, go farm something else. whats the point of save the world if it was this easy. Actually theyve made it so EASY that u can get ALL of your mats back from ssd, get all mats back from your 100% traps, farming is irrelevant with running afk endurance when you can jsut pick up your herbs from the damn loot. perk up and reperk gets buffed more and more, you even had MILLIONS OF EXP GIVEN prior to this update. every fucking noob right now could be in twine if it werent for the drops of rain restriction. THIS GAME IS SOOOO FUCKING EASY ALREADY GET OVER IT.

  6. The problem here is communication. I don’t know if I just believed what I saw on Reddit, or a dev said that the reward upgrades would be ‘substantial’, but I honestly could not tell that there was any difference. The problem is they sell us a dream and then give as a short nap on the sidewalk whilst looking though the window of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    I am getting tired of finding ‘loot’ and ‘rewards’ in chests/activities that can be outclassed by mid-level Canny (another silver Assault Rifle from a chest? Game, you are spoiling me).

    I do not class anything as a reward when the only thing that item is going to do is waste my time while I recycle it or drop it on the floor.

    I can see how a 2-5% loot increase overall would look substantial on a spreadsheet, but for us lonely plebs running around it is just a piss in the ocean. It is not substantial. It is not even noticeable.

    I am TIRED of working my ass off to get legendary perk ups(what is the deal with some missions (Hit the Road) giving one person epic and another person legendary for the same reward? What is the logic behind this Epic, please? That still require me to farm reperk too. And can we please change the joke that is elemental perk changes? I have between 20-30k of each elemental perk and yet it is still going to cost me only, say 1200 Amp Up but also cost me 1500 reperk too??? WHYYY Epic? Whyyyy. Just make it cost, say, 3k of the elemental perk up and minimal or no reperk. No one is changing their weapon element that often.

    Why, after setting up two new hero builds am I running so low on pure drops of rain? Why do I need to use it with every level up? Why do I need to grind

    * schematic xp
    * pure drops of rain
    * trap/weapon/training manuals
    * lightning in a bottle
    * eye of the storm
    * storm shards

    just to upgrade one thing?! this is before we even look at perk ups and reperk.

    So that is 8 separate grinds, Epic. EIGHT. Just for one thing.

    Please, please, please Epic. We are not asking for you to wipe our asses here. All we are asking is that you don’t take us for fools. And at the moment, everything you seem to do seems to end up with your customers looking like dopey motherflippers.

    We do not enjoy this look at all.


    *Sad face.*

  7. Couldn’t have said this shit any better devs don’t know to make this game. I actually believe the devs are complete morons. This is why I’ve only been playing dead by daylight and other games that are better. Wana know something funny? Dead by daylights grind is hard but they are now fixing it in a good way when the community asked. Epic is actually the dumbest developers. I’m sick of putting faith into them. They need to clear house and make room for people who know how to make a pve game and clearly a pvp one too! I’m tired of waiting. I’m pretty much done playing stw except for new guns and hero’s and that’s it no grinding it’s not worth my time. Do these devs no get it? The way to make something well it’s if you have to boost it up super high then lower it bit by bit. They start low and increase by 0.2% each time and they don’t god damn get it. This season is been a disaster you see what they gave us at the start was great but we need that almost every week not just once every 3 months! And if we do get good updates every 3 months like normal games they need to be 5000x better not the crap we keep getting.

  8. Yeah I’m drowning in all forms of XP but always starting in evolution mats. I’d really like to use all the heros I’ve got to have fun with load outs, but am always starving for those drops of rain and Lightning in a bottle. Please help us out guys, I’m losing interest!

  9. No, see it’s 8 drops more though. If you do it twice, you could almost level up a weapon to silver with the extra! They totally made it worth it! Everybody go home. Nothing to see here.

  10. They don’t care about losing high twine players. After all, the only things we can “buy” are normal Llama’s, and anyone at PL 100 or higher has gone through their peak buying days. You can counter with those times people buy Llama’s for the tickets or the odd Survivor for matching bonus, but that probably is a fairly small number relatively. I’ve toned my play WAY down in light of all the BS over the last month, but I was hoping for the “re-balance” to re-kindle some interest. Sadly, no.

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